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Baby Jogger City Mini 4 Wheeler

The obvious next step following the phenomenal sucess of the City Mini 3 Wheel. There was a time when all pushchairs had a wheel at each corner and someone asked "why ?" - especially when on an uneven surface three is the maximum number of wheels in contact with the ground ! The three wheeler was 'born' and every manufacture had to make one but perhaps it is now right to ask the question 'why ?' - when the pushchair is going to be used on urban even surfaces..and some wheels have suspension !

On an normal Urban surface a pushchair with four wheels is more stable
  • when a child mounts or dismounts the pushchair
  • when a Carrycot is fitted (higher centre of gravity)
  • and there is more space below the child's feet

There is a small increase in size, weight and cost - but not huge. So it is worth considering this four wheel version of the City Mini.

The first thing to say is perhaps what this pushchair is not - it is not a fully featured all terrain pushchair which will take you and your child anywhere you want from birth to 5 years with ease. The smaller 20cm hard wheels will be less free rolling on anything more than a hard smoothish surface (not countryside or beach) and be harder work as the child's weight increases.

It is a 'compact' pushchair closely focussed on providing a quality solution for the majority of parents with an urban lifestyle where transport is needed up to say 3 1/2 - 4 years. Quality of operation, lightweight user friendly convenience, durability are all achieved with style but without compromise on materials or build quality while still meeting a very competitive price point.

You can still use it for an older child, you can still use it on rougher surfaces...but it will be less comfortable for you or your child and hard work compared to the 'full sized' City Elite or Summit XC models.

Take a look at the Baby Jogger City Mini Video for a comprehensive overview (the four wheel version operates in the same way as the three wheel)

  • use from birth to four years with the fully reclining seat or with a Baby Jogger Compact Carrycot or with a Car Seat fitted
  • highly manoeuvrable around town

  • quick folding one handed !
  • ruggedly built with suspension on the front wheels for a smoother ride, they can also be changed from swivelling to locked mode
  • quick release wheels front AND rear !
  • seriously compact for storage and transportation, there's even a clip to hold it closed when folded

  • reassuringly rigid frame
  • consistently high quality finish throughout

For detailed dimensions visit the City Mini 4 Wheel Specifications page.

There's a range of quality Baby Jogger accessories to customise your Baby Jogger City Mini:
  • Compact Carrycot - the carrycot converts the pushchair into a pram for those first few important months when a baby should ideally lay flat
  • Car Seat Adaptor - adaptor fits most leading brands of car seat, this adaptor is independent of the carrycot
  • Bellybar - neat quick release adjustable bar to secure toys etc. to
  • Child Tray - quick release/fold aside tray easy to keep clean surface with cup holder
  • Glider Board - convert your single City Mini to take two children !
  • Travel Bag - protects your Baby Jogger City Mini from bumps and scratches (not crushing)

The Baby Jogger City Mini is not naturally supplied with any accessories but we prefer to supply it with the 'must have' accessory for the UK in all of our packages...a Rain Cover

There is also a range of additional accessories we have selected over a number of years with which you can customise your Baby Jogger City Mini into the ideal pushchair for your needs as the seasons change and your child grows.

Select one of the colours listed below to see our City Mini Packages

For a photo gallery of the Baby Jogger City Mini 4 Wheel see Baby Jogger City Mini 4 Wheel Gallery

Note. We supply mainly in the UK but we often deliver to other European countries however there are additional payment and warranty issues which need to be discussed first, please contact us at: Exports
Baby Jogger City Mini Black (4 Wheel)

Baby Jogger City Mini Black (4 Wheel)

Black fabrics on a black frame, smart and business like.

Baby Jogger City Mini Stone (4 Wheel)

Baby Jogger City Mini Stone (4 Wheel)

Stone with black trim on a black frame.

Baby Jogger City Mini Crimson (4 Wheel)

Baby Jogger City Mini Crimson (4 Wheel)

Crimson with black trim on a black frame.

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