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Body Harness

Clippasafe Easy Wash Body Harness

Clippasafe Easy Wash Body Harness

9 + p&p

The standard pushchair seat has a built in five point harness and also 'D' rings on the waist straps to which you can attach a body harness.

It can be a valuable addition if you are unable to get as secure a fit as you would like using the built in harness of the standard pushchair seat on a very young or small baby (or an escapologist !)

We supply the Clippasafe Easy Wash Harness & Reins 0 - 4 years which can be used in some Carrycots, the Standard Seat, as first walking reins or in high chairs etc.

The body harness comes in two parts:

1. a body harness which can be adjusted to fit each individual baby

2. anchor straps which attach to the carrycot 'D' rings plastic clips on each side of ther body harness simply click into the clips attached to the anchor straps or reins (as shown in the picture).

The harness is designed to be fitted with the release clasp at the back to prevent a child from opening it, but this could be uncomfortable for a baby laying on its back and inconvenient for you, however because a young baby in a cot would not be capable of opening the clasp it can be fitted at the front instead.

When your baby is old enough for the standard seat a body harness can be preferable to the built in five point harness for the smaller child or escapologist.

Some older children like to sit upright at the front of the standard seat, a body harness which pivots at the waist can enable them to do this comfortably without 'straining' at the shoulder straps.

Available in plain Navy Blue, conforms to BS6684:1989.

Price 9.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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